Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Forth of July Twilight Style

Happy 4th of July Everyone.

I was trying to remember if there was ever mention of Bella celebrating Independence Day in the original Twilight books, but nothing really came to mind. So in honor of the 4th, I’ve decided to make up my own little fan stories of what Bella was doing on the 4th of July during three different years. Enjoy!

Last 4th of July with Renee before moving to Forks

Bella is with Renee at one of Phil’s ballgames. It’s about 105 degrees outside even though evening is settling in, but Bella doesn’t really mind it. She likes the heat. Renee is cheering Phil on and trying to get Bella to pay attention, but it’s a lost cause. Bella is lost in the last three chapters of her Jane Austen novel. After the game there is a fireworks show and Bella and Renee are having fun making exaggerated oohs and aahs. All around her Bella sees couples snuggling up close and showing signs of affection. She rolls her eyes.

First 4th of July with Edward

It’s about a three and a half hour drive from Forks to Seattle, but Edward makes it in just under two. He helps Bella out of the car and she can't help thinking how nice it is to be out of that cast and up on two legs again. Edward takes her arm and leads her to a small dock at the edge of lake Union. He has rented a small boat for the two of them to enjoy the annual fireworks display. Bella thinks he’s gone to too much trouble. As the show begins Edward and Bella hold each other close, but not quite as close as Bella would like. Suddenly all those cuddly couples from last year don’t seem so lame.

Last 4th of July as a Human

Once again Bella is in Seattle, but this time with Charlie. Edward got them tickets to the Mariners game so they could spend some quality time together. The seats are fantastic, right behind home plate. Bella grins to herself because of course Edward would want her where there was a huge net between her and the action. Unfortunately the Mariners lose, but they are still treated to great fireworks after the game. Watching them Bella can’t help but feel a sharp pang in her heart. Never again will she have these moments alone with Charlie or Renee. Shaking off these feelings she refocuses on the show. During the finale the whole sky seems ablaze and Bella’s face breaks into a huge smile. She’s just been thinking about how next month she’ll finally get the fireworks she’s really been waiting for. =)


  1. Happy 4th Of July Hollygirl757! Very Cool 4th Story! Awesome!
    Best Regards!

  2. Happy Belated 4th of July -- I hope it sparkled like a sun exposed Edward! And thanks so much for the very sweet vignette's!! ;o)


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